The Team

We are the smallest possible team – team of 2. We are based in Prague, Czech Republic. We setup as an after-work project in 2018.

Daniel Zrust

Daniel works full time for Avast/AVG, the world-leading antivirus providers.  His main responsibilities are management of paid search campaigns, automation, and analytics. He has 5 years of experience working on various reporting solutions ranging from complex reports combining many advertising data sources as well small ad hoc reports.  He also specializes in measuring customer life time value and using it for bidding in various advertising platforms.

He is proficient in Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio, Excel (power user), Power Query, and Google Sheets.

In 2015, Daniel has also started PPC blog which mainly focuses on automation of paid search campaigns.

Jan Cerny

Jan also works for Avast, he has an experience in processing large amounts of data, creating data pipelines and bespoke solutions to transform, clean or connect different datasets. He used to manage digital analytics implementations in companies like AVG or The Telegraph.

Key skills:
SQL, Python, Javascript, Google BigQuery, Apache Spark, Google Analytics & Adobe Analytics (and their tag management solutions)