BigQuery Uploader for Google Sheets 2.0 Released!

Today is a big day because we are releasing a brand new version of our BigQuery Uploader for Google Sheets.

High Five Fail

The main improvements are:

    1. The long awaiting scheduler is finally here – you can setup hourly, daily, and weekly loads from Google Sheets to BigQuery.
    2. We are introducing a new UI minimizing user input errors – the old config sheet has no purpose. It’s been replaced by a proper menu UI. If you are using the previous version, you need to migrate your upload configurations into “Upload Definitions” in the menu. Sorry about that!
    3. We’ve significantly improved the upload procedure in order to minimize upload errors.
    4. A new fully manual mode is available – you can define data types for every single column of your table
    5. We’ve prepared a Help Center which explains how the product works and what are the most common causes of upload errors. Check it out here.

There is one bad news though – the add-on is becoming a paid product. The new users are automatically granted 14 day trial period. The existing users need to migrate to the paid version by 2020-07-31. Check out our pricing here.

Before you start using the new version, there are 2 articles you should read:

    1. Setup your spreadsheet to US locale.
    2. The importance of correct date formatting and datetime formatting.

You can get the addon from GSuite Marketplace:

Download from Marketplace!

Sample screenshots:


SchedulerUpload Modes

Here is a sample upload recorded as GIF:

First Upload

And that’s all!

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11 thoughts on “BigQuery Uploader for Google Sheets 2.0 Released!

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  3. Pamela Nelson Reply

    I’m trying to reconfigure all of our sheets to use the new version. However, the Setup Upload screen does not list all of my BigQuery datasets. Many are missing. Is there a limit? Please let me know how to access all of my datasets.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Pamela,
      we’ll certainly look at it and get back to you.


  4. Maria Reply


    I love this uploader it’s great! I’ve recently been having an issue when trying to use though.
    I get the following error message
    mytable – myprojectid/dataset/table -> Error: GoogleJsonResponseException: API call to failed with error: Not found: Job myprojectid:job_Xy09BLtLGpvGRTx828Hv-OC4eLRy

    • admin Post authorReply

      We’ll certainly have a look and get back.

      • admin Post authorReply

        Happy to report the uploader is now approved and all the issues are gone.

          • admin Post author

            Let’s sync privately. I sent you an email 15 minutes ago. Subject: “The Issue”. Check your spam too.


  5. Adam Vernon Reply


    Trying to setup this tool and the setup upload definitions just sits on a loading screen without doing anything. Tried numerous times and still nothing.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Adam,
      I’ve replied directly to your email. Please, also check your spam folder.

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