BigQuery Uploader for Google Sheets 2.0: What’s Changing?

Great news! We are launching the brand new version of our BigQuery Uploader for Google Sheets with the long-awaited scheduler.

What’s Changing?

  1. The config sheet has no longer any purpose. There is a new “Upload Definitions” menu instead which is minimizing human-input errors.
  2. We are finally releasing a feature to schedule your uploads (hourly, daily, weekly).
  3. We are introducing Manual mode which allows you to define data types for each uploaded column.
  4. We are introducing a new Help Center to help you better understand the most common issues.
  5. We did many changes in the background to minimize the number of failed uploads.
  6. We are no longer setting all column names to lower case.
  7. The add-on is becoming a paid product with a 14 day trial period. Existing users get extended trial period till 2020-07-31 so you have enough time to migrate your existing uploads.

How to Migrate Your Existing Uploads to the New Version?

  1. Numbers of rows on your config sheet = number of Upload Definitions you need to setup. Read more here. 
  2. You can then schedule your uploads.
  3. Lear about the importance of setting  “United States” locale for your spreadsheets.

And that’s about it!

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