This page provides information about privacy policy for “BigQuery Uploader for Sheets” offered by

The product is provided as an add-on for Google Sheets and is available in Chrome Web Store.

This website is run by:
Daniel Zrust
Lindleyova 2822/4
Prague 6
Czech Republic
ID Number:  5879787

The add-on is programmed by Jan Cerny. Check him out on LinkedIn here.

What data do we store when you use our add-on?

Since 2020-04-01:
In order to be able to fulfill orders of paid licences, we store your name and email address which is associated with your Google Account. The email might be used for communications related to your license and to important product updates.

Since 2019-07-30:
We implemented basic Google Analytics event tracking such as upload started, upload failed, and upload in progress. We also collect very basic information about your spreadsheet (language of the document and user location). The main goal is to track failures so we can quickly fix them.

We do NOT collect any of the uploaded data.

Until 2019-07-29:
None. The add-on does not collect any user data, we have NO access to your identity, data stored in your Google Sheets, data stored in BigQuery, to your cookies nor to your location.

All the communication happening in the add-on is purely happening between Google services – Google Sheets and Google BigQuery.

Should you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us at