Data Types: All Columns as STRING

If your data is messy (=multiple data types appearing within 1 column) and you want to make sure that everything will be successfully uploaded to BigQuery, you should use “All Columns as STRING” in the Data Types dropdown:

All Columns as STRING

There are no rules for any formatting but you will likely need to do some CASTing in BigQuery – e. g. if you need to use some date related SQL functions, you’ll have to cast your STRING date column to DATE data type first.

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3 thoughts on “Data Types: All Columns as STRING

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  2. Jonas Reply


    I am using your igQuery Uploader for Google Sheets and I have the setting “All columns as STRING” active, but everytime I have string like “0100” starting something with “0” it is loaded as string, but as “100”, initial zero(s) are trimmed. Can you repair the behaviour as this settings is not working as expected?

    Thank you for you reply.
    Jonas Mimra

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Jonas,
      this is a bug indeed. We’ll have a look at it and get back to you.


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