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Our pricing is quite simple. There is a setup fee and maintenance fee.

Setup Fee

This will depend on the complexity of desired dashboard. We will give final quote after we get specifications from you.

In case you need to connect to a system for which we don’t have a connector yet, we will build the connector at no extra cost to you.

Maintenance Fee

What matters is the amount tables and APIs we need to connect in order to get all the underlying data from all the systems for your dashboards. Every table with raw data pulled from an API = 1 source. So for example, if you want to pull campaign data from Google Ads and Bing Ads and create a dashboard on the top of it, this setup would count as 2 data sources.

The more sources you buy, the less every additional data source costs until the 8th data source. Every extra data source above number 8 will cost you $30 per month.

So the pricing looks like:

1 source = $100
2 sources = $100+$90 = $190
3 sources = $100+$90+$80 = $270
4 sources = $100+$90+$80+$70 = $340
5 sources = $100+$90+$80+$70+$60 = $400
6 sources = $100+$90+$80+$70+$60+$50 = $450
7 sources = $100+$90+$80+$70+$60+$50+$40 = $490
8 sources = $100+$90+$80+$70+$60+$50+$40+$30 = $520
9 sources = $100+$90+$80+$70+$60+$50+$40+$30+$30 = $550 (as you can see, the 9th source is also for $30, 10th source would be also for $30 and so on)

Are you interested? Contact us at weare@mythicalreports.com.