Welcome to the Help Center!

In order to make your work with our BigQuery Uploader for Google Sheets as smooth as possible, we’ve prepared this help center. We’ll be constantly adding new articles as more questions arise.

Expired License

If your uploader suddenly stopped working, it’s possible that you’ve run out of your trial period. If you want to continue using our uploader, please buy a license:

Buy License Now

We advise to force an immediate sync with our license server after the license purchase. Read more here.

Existing User?

Learn about major changes in the new 2.0 version and the migration steps you need to take here.

Just Starting?

If you are just starting and have never used our uploader before, we have prepared a few tutorials which you should follow before uploading to BigQuery:

    1. Make sure your email is added as BigQuery Admin user in your Google Cloud Project
    2. You need to enable BigQuery API in your Google Cloud Project
    3. Set your sheet to “United States” locale to prevent upload errors due to bad number and date formatting
    4. Define your first upload definition
    5. Schedule your uploads

Technical Issues

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please have a look at these frequent problems:

    1. My uploads are failing because of my date column! => You need to set your dates to YYYY-MM-DD format
    2. My uploads are failing because of my datetime column! => You need to set your datetimes to YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format
    3. I only see “Help” button and nothing else, the menu is gone! => You need to reinstall the add-on
    4. I am using Autodetect and my uploads are failing! => Learn more about Autodetect
    5. I am using Manual and my uploads are failing! => Learn more about Manual
    6. My data is a total mess but I still want to upload everything to BigQuery => Learn more about All Columns as STRING
    7. I’m getting “Exception: Service Spreadsheets Failed While Accessing Document” => Learn more here
    8. I am not sure how my table should look before the upload => See supported table structures
    9. “Setup Upload Definitions” menu is not loading => Learn more here
    10. Scheduler is not sometimes working => Learn more here


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