License Status

Assigning License to a Different Email

If you need to assign your license to a different email (e.g. when you use a billing email for purchasing but your “google” email is different), please send us an email to and we’ll handle your request manually within 2 hours approx.

General License Info

“License Status” menu shows the status of the license associated with your email. Your license can be either “valid” or  “expired”. Locate it here:

License Status Menu


“Valid” means that:

    1. You are in trial period or…
    2. You have purchased a license which has not expired.

“Expired” means that:

    1. Your trial has expired and you have not bought a paid license or…
    2. Your paid license has expired and you have not renewed yet.

If you just bought a license and your uploads are still failing due to a license problem, please open the License Status menu. This action will force an immediate sync between your account and our license server. The result is that you should see “valid” status and your uploads should start working from that moment.

Here is an example of an expired user:

Expired v2

Here is a user with a valid trial license:

Valid Trial v2

Here is a user with a valid paid license:

Valid Paid v2

And that’s all!

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