How to Upload Multiple Sheets from Google Sheets to Big Query?

NOTE: On 2020-05-24: We’ve released a new version of the add-on with many new features. Read more info here.

One would think that uploading multiple sheets from a Google spreadsheet to BigQuery would be natively supported since both products come from Google, right?

Too bad! BigQuery only supports uploading (or better “linking”) the first sheet which has sheet ID = 0 (gid=0 in the URL of the sheet). If you want to get any other sheet from Google Sheet to BigQuery then you probably already know that it’s not supported by Google.

So how do you get around this limitation? We’ve just released a free add-on called “BigQuery Uploader for Sheets” which allows you to upload multiple sheets from Google Sheets into BigQuery with ease.

Join hundreds of users using our free product and grab the add-on here and:

In case you need more information about the add-on, read this article which covers all it’s features:

You can also join this Facebook support group where you can share your feature suggestions or issues you are facing:

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